About Us

Welcome to our podcast!

Our commitment to you is that we will create a board game while you listen through weekly meetings. We don’t discuss our game except on the podcast.

On this site you’ll find the episode archive which also contains any visual aids you might need in order to follow along as well as links to relevant files–in particular any files you might need in order to test the prototypes of the games we’re working on.

Our team:

Eric Guindon
IT professional and self-published author Eric Guindon is the host of the podcast, which serves as an outlet for his enduring love of game design. If you’re interested in learning more about Eric, take a look at his site: http://chimericwhimsey.com

Jason Helferty
Jason needs to give Eric bio info.

Sean Helferty
Sean has a background in science, math and Dr Robotnic’s Mean Bean Machine. He enjoys creating games and continuously changing the rules to them. He tends toward complicated games especially anything with a square root.

Ted Whitmill
Ted needs to give Eric bio info.